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Join us as we delve into Psalm 29 and explore the profound message of hearing God's voice amidst life's most tumultuous storms. In this powerful sermon, we uncover the majesty and strength of the Lord's voice, capable of breaking cedars, shaking the wilderness, and offering peace in the midst of chaos.

�� Key Points: Storms and Distractions: Understand how the noise of life's storms can draw our attention away from God and how we can still our hearts to hear His whisper.

Calling the Mighty: Discover why the "sons of the mighty" are urged to ascribe power and glory to God, rather than relying on their own strength.

God's Powerful Voice: Explore the attributes of God's voice – powerful, majestic, and life-giving – and its presence in our lives. Faith Amidst Trials: Learn about the imperfections of human faith and the unbreakable strength and peace offered through the New Covenant with Jesus Christ.








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